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So, at the end of Ann Romney's speech — which was billed, more less, like the moment in The Dark Knight when Harvey Dent holds a press conference to reveal the identity of Batman — we still don't know an awful lot about Mittens. The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky, for example, thought the speech was "okay to good," but noted that it failed to deliver on its promise of humanizing Mitt Romney:

It oddly echoed a lot of the speeches so far tonight: not really very much about Mitt Romney! Santorum, Walker, McDonnell...they all sorta mentioned him, but that was about it. And now even his wife didn't really give very much of a portrait of him—no little stories about the time Tagg had pneumonia, that kind of thing.


What we did learn, however, is that Ann Romney clearly enjoys Oprah's ecstatic giveaways, and that she kept tabs on all of the pediatricians that ever treated her sons.


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