Ann Romney Awkwardly Describes Mitt as 'Wild & Crazy Man Just Waiting to Come Out'

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The words "wild" and "crazy" were completely stripped of meaning today as Ann Romney, wife and apparently also the mommy of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney described her husband as a "wild and crazy guy" while Mitt laughed like a kid having his cheeks pinched by a doting aunt. It was weird.

During the appearance on CBS This Morning, the aspirant First Lady explained that she thinks her husband's low favorability ratings are unwarranted, that he's not stiff and stilted and robotic and he's certainly not the chosen member of an alien race sent to earth frozen in a block of ice 10,000 years ago only to unfreeze and learn the ways of the earthlings in an attempt to save his home planet. In fact, in Ann's eyes, not only is Mitt "like another son" to her, he's still the same wild, crazy guy he was in high school. Mitt Romney is a devoutly religious Mormon who followed up his high school career with college at BYU followed by two Harvard degrees. How wild and crazy could he possibly have been? Did he sometimes
stop outside of bars and smell the alcohol? Say his prayers really loudly? Drive faster than the speed limit? Shoot his classmates with cotton balls fired from slingshots?


For his part, Mitt spent the interview laughing like a sheepish droid and blushing underneath his orange TV makeup while his much more socially adept wife draped her arms around him playfully and made him sound like he might be wearing a neon pink banana hammock underneath his suit. Or volunteer to ride in a box on top of the family car on the way home. That Mitt!


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I'm confused as to why Ann Romney seems to value "wild and crazy" so much in someone running to be President. When I think of adjectives describing the ideal person in charge of America's military and especially its nuclear arsenal, not to mention with a great deal of control over the social safety net, "wild" and "crazy" are not qualities that I'm looking for.