Ann Richards' Daughter Keeps Her Mom's Talent For Ripping Into Clueless White Men Alive

  • Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards, daughter of late Texas firebrand Ann Richards, tactfully rips John McCain's campaign a new one after his top strategist calls Planned Parenthood "one of the most radical pro-abortion groups in the country." [Politico]
  • Swedish girls are getting fatter and no one knows why. We blame global warming. [USAToday]
  • Wait, maybe we should blame mothers! After all, children born to women with postpartum depression tend to be rated as "emotionally negative" more than other kids. [Salon]
  • A man charged with rape who had the allegation cleared because the judge fell asleep at his hearing has now raped two more women. [DailyTelegraph]
  • In shades of Heavenly Creatures, two teenage Australian girls have been charged with the murder of a friend during a sleepover. Their reasoning? "It just felt right". [Daily Telegraph]
  • Feeling like a fat, depressed slob? It could be your thyroid. [CNN]

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