Ann Richards' Daughter Keeps Her Mom's Talent For Ripping Into Clueless White Men Alive

Illustration for article titled Ann Richards Daughter Keeps Her Moms Talent For Ripping Into Clueless White Men Alive
  • Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards, daughter of late Texas firebrand Ann Richards, tactfully rips John McCain's campaign a new one after his top strategist calls Planned Parenthood "one of the most radical pro-abortion groups in the country." [Politico]
  • Swedish girls are getting fatter and no one knows why. We blame global warming. [USAToday]
  • Wait, maybe we should blame mothers! After all, children born to women with postpartum depression tend to be rated as "emotionally negative" more than other kids. [Salon]
  • A man charged with rape who had the allegation cleared because the judge fell asleep at his hearing has now raped two more women. [DailyTelegraph]
  • In shades of Heavenly Creatures, two teenage Australian girls have been charged with the murder of a friend during a sleepover. Their reasoning? "It just felt right". [Daily Telegraph]
  • Feeling like a fat, depressed slob? It could be your thyroid. [CNN]

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