Ann Curry Returns to 'Today' for Colorado Shooting Coverage

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And she's back: Three weeks after her quasi-abrupt exit from co-hosting the Today Show, Ann Curry returns to co-host the Today Show. NBC will be covering the Colorado shooting this weekend from Aurora, and Ann will be there to co-anchor the weekend edition of Today with her replacement, Savannah Guthrie. I'd like to think that, given the enormity and gravity of the events these two journalists will be covering, this won't be awkward at all — they are professionals and there's reporting to be done, stories to be told, truth to be sought, heavy pauses and nods to be delivered — but it's going to be awkward. [TMZ]


More Dark Knight shooting business: Warner Bros is reportedly "removing all images and references to guns" from all Dark Knight trailers ASAP. Additionally, the trailer for Gangster Squad, its upcoming release starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, from theaters. Probably a good choice, seeing as it showed a gangster walking into a moving theater and shooting people. Meanwhile, Anthony Lane, writing over at The New Yorker, proposes suspending the ritual of midnight screenings, which "often have a crazed and hallucinated air, which is all part of the game to those who enjoy them…but which, right now, seems volatile, ominous, and redundant." [TMZ, Deadline, NYer]


Hey, okay, here's some good news! The trailer for The Master, the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed film starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix (who somehow made the cut despite going by only two names) that's Not About Scientology but is so totally about Scientology — they even let Tom Cruise screen it in advance and he reportedly had "issues" with it, so you know it struck a chord with Xenu — has arrived. [Radar, The Life Files]

  • Media-mandated Suri update: She's back in New York City with her mom. She went to gymnastics class. She wore a leotard that may have been red, white, blue or any other color. She may or may not have enjoyed herself. Developing. [Radar]
  • Coming soon to Pawnee: Senators John McCain, Barbara Boxer and Olympia Snowe will appear on an episode of Parks and Recreation this fall. [ArtsBeat]
  • Jennifer Lopez didn't walk away from American Idol over money, sources say. Fox approached her with a third year deal that was comparable to what she already had — something like, oh, $20 million plus bonuses, no big deal — but Team Lopez didn't even try to counter or negotiate. Because money ain't a thing when you've got two kids at home. And a gazillion other movies, songs, perfumes and projects galore. She just wasn't that into you, Idol. [People]
  • And voila: It's poster for Mindy Kaling's new Fox comedy The Mindy Project. Yep, this is happening, people. [EW]
  • Slightly more interactive: Rick Ross has dropped the first track from God Forgives, I Don't, "3 Kings." Dr. Dre and Jay-Z are along for the ride. (I like to imagine that in a very literal sense: Rick Ross is driving an awesome vintage Caddy, Dre and Jay riding along, a cloud of dust left behind — and Kanye in the distance, scrambling, running, chasing them, just looking for a ride to the mall or something.) [Rolling Stone]
  • In other "first look" news, Lifetime released the first teaser for Liz & Dick, tye mightily-anticipated Liz Taylor biopic starring Academy Award nominee Lindsay Lohan. But it's just a video of a photograph of Lindsay so, you know, meh. [THR]
  • After facing a $110 million lawsuit from a Palestinian man who was portrayed as a terrorist in Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen has settled out of court. [Radar]
  • That Beyoncé "Countdown" video with the Snuggie kid? He died of happiness today, shortly after Queen B gave his work a well-manicured thumbs up. "I think he did this video better than I did," she wrote on her blog. [, MTV]
  • Glee "only" got three Emmy nods (which seems like a lot, but I'm a H8R), but plucky Lea Michele won't let that wipe the smile off of her perma-smiling face: "I'm very proud of our last season. I think it was one of our best seasons ever." Oh, I'd heard that it was kinda the opposite, but I stand corrected. [E!]
  • In a Real Housewives of Somewhere That Is Shamed by Being Associated With These Women promo, Joe Gorga says of his wife, "I own her." No no, Joe — Bravo owns her. And you too. [Radar]

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A Small Turnip

You won't find me mournfully playing my tiniest violin for enormous hulking movie studios like Warners very often, but I'm prepared to make a small exception today. What's happened to their Batman film is rotten. (I'll take a moment to emphatically assert that this is not to equate the unspeakable human tragedy that happened last night with what is, at root, a commercial enterprise—it's more that the vast gulf of personal grief is too deep and gut-wrenching for me to contemplate for more than thirty seconds at a time.) I really feel for everyone who worked so bloody hard on the project, from the best boy to the actors to the producers to Chris Nolan himself. What should have been a moment for them to feel real pride and accomplishment in their work has been tainted—will likely always be tainted—by that single person's incomprehensible desire to cause destruction and death.

Even more than that, I'm sorry for all the fans who were so looking forward to seeing the film. People have been waiting for years for this. The genuine collective cultural excitement about Nolan's Batman movies has, unlike the overwhelming majority of summer blockbusters, been honestly earned. They're not just cynical, PR-driven exercises in hyperbole. They're beautiful, haunting, intelligent films sneakily smuggled into megaplexes under the noses of Hollywood bean-counters who think the average moviegoer is too fucking stupid to want anything more than a pirate, a robot and a few pyrotechnic money shots. They deserve better publicity than what James Holmes has offered them.

I hope The Dark Knight Rises eventually finds its audience. I hope we still love going to the movies together. I hope. I hope. I hope.