Ann Curry Marginalizes Hillary Clinton With Lame Questions About Marginalization

Today on NBC, Ann Curry tried to force Hillary Clinton to respond to claims that she's been "marginalized." Clinton seemed to find the whole thing pretty ridiculous — as did we.

The whole lame conversation starts at 2:48 (video is below), when Curry references a Washington Post article from last month that said Clinton "is largely invisible on the big issues that dominate the foreign policy agenda, including the war in Afghanistan, the attempt to engage Iran and efforts to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." The article, by Glenn Kessler, is actually much more nuanced than Curry lets on, pointing out that Clinton may actually be unusually independent for a Secretary of State, pursuing her own priorities and showing unprecedented (and sometimes impolitic) directness in her public statements. But Curry reinterprets Kessler's piece to mean that "the highest-ranking woman in the United States [is] having to fight against being marginalized."

It's a little hard for Clinton to break through Curry's interruptions, but she responds gracefully, saying that allegations of marginalization are "absurd" and that, "I believe in delegating power [...] I would be irresponsible and negligent were I to say, 'Oh no, everything must come to me.'" Sounds a lot like the woman of whom Richard C. Holbrooke, special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, told Kessler, "She is collaborative by nature and totally secure." But Curry still seems determined to portray her as a woman scorned who wishes she had Obama's job. Memo to Curry: if you're really worried about people marginalizing "the highest-ranking woman in the country," try asking her some real questions instead of harping on fake controversy.


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