Ann Coulter Finally Explains What's Behind That Adam's Apple

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  • Ann Coulter refers to self in third-person, suggests she may own a pair of testicles. [Radar]
  • Sad news for female sports fans: ESPN is apparently just as sexist and hostile a workplace as you'd think it would be. [NYPost]
  • Egypt has finally outlawed female circumcision. [Salon]
  • Meanwhile, a little farther to the northwest, the country of Portugal is finally set to make abortion legal. [Ms]
  • The best-loved taunts in the war between the sexes. [DailyMail]
  • Young Nepalese girls — as young as 10 — are routinely sold into slavery in Indian circuses by their parents. And yes, a lot of them are raped. [Telegraph]
  • Women may be a larger part of the spread of HIV in Africa than previously thought, particularly in Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire and Lesotho. [Economist]
  • One woman in the NY Times' obituary section today: Architect Margaret Hefland, 59, former president of the NYC chapter of the AIA. [NYTimes]

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Not to be a raving feminist here, but: "female circumision" is the PC term that has recently been used to replace the name for what the practice really is, which was "female genital mutilation" or FGM. The individulas who practice and advocate this kind of barbarity (read: men) were *offended* by the "negative connotations" of the term FGM. "Female Circumsision" was substituted to imply that the procedure is 1.) safe, 2.) normal or even 3.) necessary and 4.) hygenic. However, it is the complete antithesis of all of the same.

So please, please call it FGM, or hell, even write that all out. Because its a fucking replusive, gruesome practice that flies in the face of human rights.

I found out about FGM in my freshman year of College, and driven to act, I subsequently had to practically get an act of congress in order to have an FGM survivor/activist come speak at our school on Int'l Women's Day. People are creeped out by this issue and don't want to talk about it: but for fucks sake, this is still going on! Egypt JUST outlawed it!

My conscience and my pussy are outraged and yours should be too!