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  • Ann Coulter refers to self in third-person, suggests she may own a pair of testicles. [Radar]
  • Sad news for female sports fans: ESPN is apparently just as sexist and hostile a workplace as you'd think it would be. [NYPost]
  • Egypt has finally outlawed female circumcision. [Salon]
  • Meanwhile, a little farther to the northwest, the country of Portugal is finally set to make abortion legal. [Ms]
  • The best-loved taunts in the war between the sexes. [DailyMail]
  • Young Nepalese girls — as young as 10 — are routinely sold into slavery in Indian circuses by their parents. And yes, a lot of them are raped. [Telegraph]
  • Women may be a larger part of the spread of HIV in Africa than previously thought, particularly in Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire and Lesotho. [Economist]
  • One woman in the NY Times' obituary section today: Architect Margaret Hefland, 59, former president of the NYC chapter of the AIA. [NYTimes]

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