Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, died of a brain hemorrhage. She was 64. Roddick, who was named a Dame in 2003, pioneered ethical and environmentally conscious beauty products decades before they became fashionable. Since beauty products are often all about packaging, she introduced a biodegradable plastic bag and, in 1985, she told a newspaper, "You buy something, get it home then throw away mountains of cellophane, paper, cardboard, ribbon and other junk before you get to the product." Roddick worked closely with Greenpeace and various human rights and fair trade organizations. She also criticized the male-dominated cosmetics industry for playing on women's insecurities, saying "No ingredient can take off grief, anger and 20 years of industrial pollution. No moisture cream does more than another. Every moisture cream works." [Guardian, The Star]


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