Girls and boys who covet the extra-large eyes of anime characters can now fake it with "extra-wide" contacts that make the eye's iris look larger. • Getting a regular pap smear is more effective against cervical cancer than Gardasil as new studies begin to doubt the vaccine's effectiveness versus its expense. • A gender discrimination complaint filed by two men against a Swedish government-run pharmacy that sold sex toys catering mostly to women by selling dildos and "vagina balls" was overruled. • Should women tell their coworkers that they are menopausal? • A 93-year-old debut novelist will use the profits from her feminist thriller, A Dangerous Weakness to move her friends and herself out of care homes. •• Heidi Krieger is a former East German athlete who was fed steroids without her knowledge which, she claims, forced her to have a sex-change operation to become a man. • Meanwhile, a new study suggests that estrogen patches may help men suffering from prostate cancer. • One Iranian blogger writes that having a female flag-bearer for the Iranian team at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies was a "defeating and decisive answer" to those who speak out against Iran's treatment of women and a "historical failure" for Zionist and American lobbies. • Many impoverished Vietnamese women in Tan Loc are selling themselves off as brides to wealthy(-ish) foreigners to help out their families back home. • There has been an increase of women being arrested and reprimanded by the police for committing violent acts and joining violent all-girl gangs in the UK. • A new study suggests that urban-living minority teen girls do not have a great deal of knowledge about the morning-after pill and think the users should feel embarrassed. • Being a stay-at-home mother can be incredibly stressful as the economy goes down the dumps. • A new study shows that most women stop breast-feeding after six months and those who continued to breast-feed past six months had greater education and income levels. • Jujhar Bus Service in India has recently appointed female bus conductors, a first in the Punjab region.

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