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Animals—they're sluts like us! We already learned that female beetles are cum guzzlers, and now according to new research, we've discovered that female animals and insects naturally mate with many partners, to ensure "optimum health" for future generations. Apparently, polyandry (females taking multiple mates) has evolved into a survival technique in the animal kingdom as it provides "genetic benefits" for species that may accidentally inbreed.

The researchers used a mathematical model to calculate the genetic advantages of polyandry for species where inbreeding is routine. They found that the genetic rewards are likely to be strong enough to compensate for the risks involved in taking extra mates


So this means we're supposed to be doing it with a whole bunch of dudes? Score! Of course, we're not really looking to breed with all of them (or any of them) but still, this news brings a little sunshine to our rainy Monday afternoon.

Females Promiscuous For The Sake Of Their Grandchildren [Science Daily]

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