Angry Midwife Takes Horrifying Revenge On Patient's Anus

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Police in China have confirmed reports that a midwife recently sewed shut the anus of one of her patients. The woman was apparently disgruntled at not having received enough of a tip, hence the Eli Roth-worthy revenge.



Part of this story doesn't make sense. If the midwife did sew up the patient's anus, in revenge, how did she think she would get away with such an act? She worked through Fenghuang Hospital, and was under the supervision of medical staff.

My suspicions: The midwife had a beef with the husband. She tried to negotiate for a heftier "hong bao*" The husband balked. The midwife threatened to do something to the wife. After the suturing the husband still didn't give in. The midwife tried to negotiate a second fee/ "tip" to correct the error.

Hmph, this is one more sick story of China and its growing capitalistic ways. Yes, I know it doesn't apply to the whole country, but I do hear stories of the growing greedy attitudes.

*hong bao = red envelope. Hong baos are offered to important people as gestures of gratitudes, okay bribes in some cases. This is one Chinese tradition that has never died, even during the extreme Cultural Revolution days.