Angie And Brad Buy A Luxury Island Representing Ethiopia, And Other Facts Too Good To Check

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I strongly doubt this "news" that Angie and Brad bought an island representing Ethiopia in that crazyass new development in Dubai the New Yorker wrote about, because it's obvs kinda tacky, though it would be sort of cool, just as it would have been cool if Elliott Spitzer had convinced enough legislators asswipe named Peterson is suspected of killing his wife, a new O.J. Simpson trial is on the horizon and a bunch of new data suggests American consumers are ; not that that's brought a halt to consumerism or anything: 20% of the students at the alma mater of 50% of the Jezebels — NYU — say they'd give up their right to vote for an iPod Touch. (Anyone smell a POLL??)


Warren Buffett — he's Rachel Zoe's idol, you know! — lamented the income gap in one of those wacky speeches rich people give where they get to say insane things like "we rich people should maybe be taxed more" and other shit no one pays attention to because it's not part of the whole "rational self-interest thing."

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go find alcohol. You should, too! Or your drug of choice; whatevs. Though for those of you who would rather spend your downtime licking hallucinogenic toads — well, I hate to break it to you.

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@SinisterRouge: You're right - Buffett was testifying to bring back the estate tax. And trust me, the estate tax won't ever apply to me. However, it still ain't illegal for him to give as much as he wants to the government. As a libertarian (sometimes I feel like the only one stalking about here at Jezebel) I get hives when I hear anyone talking about raising any tax.

And that being said, I know Buffett has donated a huge amount of money to the Gates Foundation so I know he's not a Scrooge McDuck keeping his money for himself (but if he wanted to that would be OK because it's his money). He obviously wants to put his money to good use and I think that's way awesome.