Look, I miss her as much as you guys. But SinisterRouge is in a better place right now, learning to channel her rage into more controlled, well-reasoned, and um, succinct missives. Her first assignment: 250 words on someone she hates, other than Obama. Click the pic for her first installment.

You know who I hate? Well, there's so many people to choose from but for now I'll stick with one. I hate Sean Penn. I hate his obnoxious, faux-intelligent, completely retarded stance on everything. He fancies himself politically savvy but he's too stupid to know the difference. Remember when he was trying to smoke and row and rescue people during Katrina? What an ass. Now he says that he won't endorse Barack Obama in the primary because of his "phenomenally inhuman and unconstitutional" voting record. Huh? What does that even mean? I'm all for not endorsing Obama. I mean, seriously, I'd prefer you didn't. Waffly and non-existent voting record, OK. But "inhuman and unconstitutional?" That doesn't even make sense. WTF?

Sean Penn is what's wrong with Hollywood liberals. Because he's a stupidliberal. He makes being a liberal seem like the most douche-tastic thing to be. He makes us regular liberals look bad. Just like this one. You know the type. They're not nearly as smart as they think they are.
Oh, and he totes cheated on fucking Princess Motherfuckin' Buttercup. Asshole.