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Angelina Jolie Sues the Daily Mail Over Heroin Video

Illustration for article titled Angelina Jolie Sues the emDaily Mail /em Over Heroin Video

Angelina Jolie joins George Clooney in openly hating the Daily Mail.

The actress is taking legal action against the British tabloid over a video they published which claims to be Jolie during her so-called heroin days in the late '90s.

The 16-minute video, which was originally published by the National Enquirer, shows the actress walking around an apartment and talking on the phone. The clip was allegedly shot by Franklin Meyer, who claims to have been the Oscar winner's drug dealer when she was living in New York, according to the Mail's article, which was published on July 8.


Just two days ago, George Clooney published a fiery oped in USA Today slamming the Daily Mail for publishing lies about his fiance, Amal Alamuddin and her family. They tried to apologize; he rejected the apology.

Jolie has come clean about her past drug use, but according to Time, she calls the Daily Mail video a "gross violation of her privacy."


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Why doesn't she sue the Enquirer as well since they originally posted it?