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Angelina Jolie Pens Piece For The Economist

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Attention, Lindsay Lohan: the annual World In 2008 supplement book you get with that Economist subscription will come with a contribution of yet-to-be-determined length by very special guest columnist, Angelina Jolie, whose byline, for the remaining literate English-speaking population that doesn't know who she is, will be accompanied by her picture. This is a pretty prestigious honor, since the Economist, as opposed to, say, The Huffington Post, generally avoids pandering to celebrities' shameless efforts to make the world more aware of their worldly awareness because, as you can gather from The Huffington Post, it usually comes off like masturbatory pill-addled gibberish. (Which is to say, not casting stones!) Also, the Economist doesn't use bylines. Anyway, the topic at hand is genocide in Darfur, and her piece will be accompanied by articles by Nancy Pelosi, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Mexican president Felipe Calderón, the Dalai Lama, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Korean-born UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.


Still unanswered: did she actually write it? Did Nancy Pelosi? Can the Dalai Lama write? Does this officially differentiate Angelina any further from all those celebrities who claim to care about ending genocide and human suffering and crap but actually just, uh, needed a new conceit for a reality show? We know she walked around with What Is The What, but did she actually finish it? (Seriously, what happens to that guy? I'm assuming they untie him from the chair eventually so he can go on to meet Dave Eggers, right?) Anyway, could Angie be way better, way more informed even, than us?


Not that that's saying anything. But!

And oh yeah, uh...who is accountable for Darfurian genocide? And why can't the world just be nice to one another and use condoms?

Angelina Jolie Writes For Economist's World In 2008 [Guardian]

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Jenna Sauers

So what, because she's an actress she automatically cannot be smart enough to write an essay on a topic she cares about? Because she's pretty? A celebrity? A woman? Where's the automatic disqualification for being a contributor to the Economist?