Angelina Jolie Gets Teary, 'NY Times' Staffer Gets Blinky

Yesterday, Angelina Jolie appeared at the Clinton Global Initiative alongside NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof (he blinks a lot!) and teared up while telling the story of a young refugee in Syria. (A refugee from where, we can't tell. Iraq? Palestine? Lebanon?) Anyway, it's Friday, and we're not in a joking mood so we'll let her speak for herself.

Angelina Jolie Makes Emotional Plea For Refugees At CGI [YouTube]
Angelina Gets Emotional At CGI [Feministing]


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bess marvin, girl detective

I can't really hate on someone doing something that I'm not doing (not that if I didn't have the power to do it, I wouldn't do it myself.) She's doing something that MOST celebrities, despite their "charities", can't really be bothered doing. Is it sincere? I believe. Is she as intelligent as we think of her to be? Not really, but I do think she is knowledgeable about this particular subject and she's doing all that she can. This story that she tells kills me and I can't snark on it neither should anyone else.

In this country, we're so cold and so sarcastic whenever a celebrity takes a cause because it is usually to benefit their self image (I'm looking at you Paris.) However, we shouldn't really care what their reasons are behind helping others as long as people are being helped. Isn't that what matters at the end of the day?