Angelina and Brad have finally made it legal. This news comes to you via Star, courtesy a somewhat subpar Wifi connection at the West Village Apple Store. You know, they say it's "part of the romantic tragedy of our age that our partners must be seen as compatible on every level." But Brad and Angelina, with their wildly divergent upbringings, pastimes, temperaments (and, one can only assume, literary proclivities) have maybe once again subverted the cultural mores of their time. (That said, he did, under her tutelage, reportedly conquer his fear of flying.) Anyway, speaking of tragedies, they did it in New Orleans.

The bride is the daughter of the deceased actress Marcheline Bertrand and actor Jon Voigt. The bridegroom is the son of Jane Etta, a high school counselor, and William Alvin Pitt, owner-operator of a trucking company. He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia with a concentration in journalism. [Star]