7:40pm: I'm getting dinner. See you guys in the ayem.
7:33pm:Breaking: They look like tiny babies. Shiloh, up in the upper right-hand corner, is similarly nonplussed.
7:20pm Still no twins. $14 million dollars and still no twins.
7:15pm: People.com claimed that pictures of the almighty Jolie-Pitt twins would be revealed today at 7pm. (See? It says so right in the red banner.) Anna called me; I am sitting here waiting for these damn miracles (or "Infant Deities," as one commenter called them ). But right now it is 7:14pm and Knox and Vivi are no where to be seen. WTF.


Out of boredom, I went over to Facade.com and entered July 12, 2008 so I could get Knox and Vivienne's biorhythms. Apparently they are having an emotional, physical and intellectual low at the moment. Things will pick up in seven days. [Facade]


Hello! Magazine has a different picture on their cover: [Hello!]