Angela Chase: "When You Call Someone's Name, Like, Kind Of Loud And They Don't Hear You, It Makes You Feel Really Lonely."

Juno was released on DVD today, and as FourFour's Rich brilliantly points out, teenage heroine Angela Chase of My So-Called Life is the anti-Juno. While Juno reveled in her own quirkiness and established individuality — something that is rare, if not nonexistent among teens — Angela dealt with the desperation of "fitting in" and over-thinking every situation in an attempt to try to figure out who the hell she was. Her efforts led to introspective voiceovers that are as hilarious as they are wise: "I thought at least by age 15, I would have a love life. But I don't even have a like life" and "The thought that I might be seeing Jordan Catalano in a few hours was, like, impossible to comprehend. Like when they first tell you about infinity." "It's so weird that teachers actually, like, live places." Clip above.

The Anti-Juno [FourFour]


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