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Anderson Cooper Loves Paula Abdul, Ryan Seacrest Equally

This morning, CNN's Anderson Cooper sat in for Regis Philbin on Live! With Regis and Kelly and during the host chat, Anderson confessed to Kelly Ripa his deep love for American Idol and his obsession with Paula Abdul. And then Kelly and Anderson compared their respective Paula impersonations. (And people wonder if Anderson's gay!) Later in the program, he told Kelly that he thinks Ryan Seacrest is "very talented" — without even a hint of irony in his voice. Game, set, match. Clip begins above.


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@ArmCandy: You know, he was very funny in Knocked Up. I admire people who can make fun of themselves. And as annoying as he may seem, with his frosted tips and lying about his age (uh, homeboy is pushing 40, not 35, in my opinion), he seems to be building himself a 21st Century Dick Clark empire. So whatever, good for him.

I just think of Jimmy Fallon's impersonation of him- "Hey everybody, I'm super sexy Ryan Seacreast!"