We weren't really into dolls when we were young, and should we ever get pregnant and then lose the baby at a late stage, or have a stillbirth or a cot death, we're pretty sure we still wouldn't be into dolls.

But if we were to change our mind, it's comforting to know that Footprints Reborn Nursery will make an exact replica doll of our dead baby that we can carry around with us. To, ah, aid the healing process, and doubtless speed up our divorce/confinement to a mental asylum.

"It may be a few months or it may be many years since you lost your precious angel. Here at Footprints Nursery we truly understand your pain as we also have been there.

...At Footprints Nursey we have on offer a very special product, We will custom make you a memorial baby to your needs, Whether it is from your precious angels photo or in the case of a miscarriage then it would be to what you dreamed your special little one would have looked like."


Dead baby dolls are available from $125 and upwards. And they say you can't put a price on happiness.

it's a funny old world [Footprints Nursery]

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