And The Second "Worst Mother Named 'Lori Drew'" Award Goes To...

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Now that people have outed Curt and Lori Drew as the likely adult perpetrators of a vile MySpace hoax that led a depressed 13-year-old girl named Megan Meier to hang herself in her closet, we thought we might as well alert you to another inept parent named Lori Drew! This Lori is the leader of a Rhode Island high school's boycott of a book called When I Was A Loser: True Stories Of Barely Surviving High School, in particular a story by Will Clarke called "How to Kill a Boy That Nobody Likes."


Lori objects to the book on grounds of its "profanity," naturally. So if only to uncover this weird and awesome coincidence and the existence of this weird and awesome-sounding book, we're really happy we posted her name. Because, like, maybe if Megan Meier had read a book like the one the Rhode Island Lori Drew is banning, she wouldn't have hung herself over the Missouri Lori Drew's sick scheme. And maybe if the Rhode Island Lori Drew knew the real story of Missouri Lori Drew, who "killed a girl that no one liked," she'd understand the point of, you know, free speech... although, you're right, probs a stretch.


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Anyone read "Kick Me: Adventures in Adolescence" by Paul Feig? Hilarious book.