And The Hottest Accent of All Is...

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In a recent poll by TimeOut, 11,000 people across the globe (from London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and Beijing) were asked about their dating habits, preferences and the particularities of their home city's singles scene. One question had participants rank the world's most appealing accent and—would you Adam and Eve it?—British came in at number one.


The English accent received a whopping 27% the votes from those polled. Dialects were not specified, but chances are that participants were responding to an accent that's more like this...

...than like this:

But I say both accents are grand!

The American accent came in at second with 8.7% of the votes. Of course, just like in the U.K. (and any other country in the world), the U.S. accent varies greatly depending on region. As such, we're going to assume that voters were responding to the Upper Midwestern accent because nothing says sex appeal quite like the flat, drawn out vowels of my North woods people.

The Irish accent was ranked third at 8.1%, followed by Australian (8%), French (7.7%), Italian (6%), Spanish (4.9), Scottish (4.7), Latin American (4.1%) and Scandinavian (3.3%).

If anyone's looking to get turned on, I'll just be over here repeating the word "bag" to myself in my Wisconsin accent that 8.7% of you will find VERY appealing.

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I think both British accents shown above are good. Any if them are ok with me. And Scottish. Especially Scottish.

And I don't know who Vicky from Geordie Shore is, but I kind of love her.