"And That's When I Totally Knew I Was Gay..."

Remember Topanga from Boy Meets World? Back when Lance Bass was too famous to have sex with men, they were an item. They went to the prom, and he bought her a Skipper doll with a nightgown, for her, that matched the one Skipper wore. They spent a lot of time hanging out and listening to Shania Twain songs, but when Valentine's Day came along and Topanga (her real name, in case you're into trivia games or something: Danielle Fishel) was planning on giving up the big V to her Lance — and she calls him "my Lance" — something funny happened... Here they relive the events of that magical night, in a clip that is almost too heartwarming, even as it is also somewhat poignant. (I mean, why didn't she just date Rider Strong?)

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The really freaky thing for me is that I actually made reference to Topanga in a conversation on Sunday afternoon. I hadn't thought of the character in years, but she was the first person whom I could name to define TGIF.