Barack Obama is the nominee. Hillary is making her case for VP. Tomorrow I'll tell y'all about the one time during this campaign I entertained the thought of switching allegiances on the whole "Remember The Sisterhood" premise, but right now I'll just say I'm pretty stoked. Don't get me wrong, I loved the primaries. They reintroduced a national mindset softened by years of focus-grouped ad copy to: Marx, Christians who are crazy in a non-homophobic anti-intellectual cynical way, white Catholics who preach at black churches. Bill O'Reilly hosted Hillary Clinton amicably, I learned the origins of the term "shuck n jive," venerable feminists were forced to confront their latent racism and venerable liberals their latent misogyny. Ann Coulter believably endorsed a Democrat. Scott McClellan and Jenna Bush came publicly close to endorsing the black Marxist former cokehead, while at times a certain former Reagan speechwriter came publicly close to giving him a blowjob, and a certain loyal and proud spawn of Richard Nixonland himself agreed: it's time to end this shit.


By the end of a season spent viewing the most thought-provoking and revelatory and turnout-generating political showdown in recent history transpire between a black man and a woman, few but the likes of Pat Buchanan, one of Nixonland's most heinously cynical architects, and Schlafly surrogates like Charlotte Allen seemed willing to cling without reservations to the scraps of angry white male ideology that has so laid waste to this once greatness-aspiring society. More people changed or were encouraged to entertain changing their minds during this marathon primary than in any political campaign my generation has seen, so for that, thanks Hillary. Who knows, the country may even be ready to vote for the both of you now.

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