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"And By The Way, Guess Who Goes To His Church, Hint, Hint, Hint?"

Illustration for article titled And By The Way, Guess Who Goes To His Church, Hint, Hint, Hint?
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright is going on PBS tomorrow night to reflect on his newfound fame. "I think they wanted to communicate that I am unpatriotic, that I am un-American, that I am filled with hate speech, that I have a cult at Trinity United Church of Christ. And by the way, guess who goes to his church, hint, hint, hint?" [NYT]
  • OMG who's winning in Indiana???? Check this space back at 11 p.m. for the results of the very latest poll. [Indianapolis Star]
  • Speaking of Indiana, its local media went all the way to the Evansville Abercrombie to solve the mystery of the Aberdudes. Reportedly, they're neither gay nor did they plan their outfits that way. Times like this you really wish Toqueville was around but maybe we'll be in shape to fully fathom that tomorrow. [NYT]
  • John McCain made the outlandishly courageous decision to distance himself from the Bush Administration with regards to its handling of Katrina. [Wash Post]
  • Sometimes the urban elite needs the sad reality of the mindset of the provincial American electorate spelled out for them but a lifelong Londoner born in Moscow sorta seems like a weird guy to be doing that. [Times of London]
  • Even racists find it hard to hate Obama so Republicans are trying to remind them how much they hate that awful rap music. [Reason]
  • Someday, when oil hits $500 a barrel perhaps, they will develop a pharmacological cure for mullah fatigue syndrome. [BBC]
  • The kind of legal action that sort of betrays a misunderstanding of the whole "freedom of speech" thing. [Reuters]
  • Remember how all your friends who were responsible enough to buy houses over the past few years had all these horror stories about getting outbid and showing up at open houses at 8 a.m. to a line of 86 people? Yeah, well, things change. [WSJ] Sorry to be a bonerkiller, dudes, but it turns out you'll have to scratch "cancer avoidance" off your list of reasons to jerk off. [US News]

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As of 11:32 PM the IndyStar has Obama up by 3%. At least I know how I'll spend my day tomorrow! Calling folks in Indiana!!!