A South Carolina woman was arrested for trying to shoplift a vibrator in a child's stroller.

According to GoUpstate.com, a woman tried to steal a vibrator from a Spencer's store at the Westgate mall in Spartanburg:

The manager said the woman selected a vibrator and slid it behind a young child in a stroller before leaving the store. The suspect was later identified as Misty Ann Lee....The store manager said she confronted Lee who initially looked like she did not know what the manager was talking about and then retrieved the toy from the stroller, according to a Spartanburg Police Department incident report.

I know as you read that you are probably as shocked as I was by this story. I mean—SPENCER'S STILL EXISTS? And they sell vibrators? I thought their sex toy section was limited to edible undies and fuzzy pink handcuffs? This is mind-blowing. I looked carefully through their fine selection and to be honest, I didn't really find any worth stealing. But that's just me.

Look, everyone needs to masturbate. And all the good sex toys are really freaking expensive. Sometimes, you find yourself desperate, between a rock and a hard place. I empathize with Lee. I hope she gets all this sorted out and gets all the sex toys she needs to keep her free from a life of crime.

Lee was arrested and charged with shoplifting. The vibrator is reportedly safe back at Spencer's and out of the hands of horny criminals.

Image via Shutterstock.