Ancient Workout Video Is Hilariously Horrifying

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Back in the day, when a girl wanted to tone up, she hit the machines — but instead of ergonomic, low-impact ellipticals, there were grinding gears, pinching coils and bizarre bands.


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All of these women wear the expression of a severely jaded person burdened by ennui, which can often be seen in today's gyms, as well. My favorite lady is the one who is knitting nonchalantly, as if to say, "This crap may not be working, but at least I am getting something done."

Female Body Shaping 1945 [Random Good Stuff]



My mom joined a gym with one of her friends in what must have been the late 60's or early 70's. She said they had a bunch of useless stuff (like those old vibrating band thing that went around your waist).

Then on their way home they would stop and eat at the brand new McDonalds that just opened up in town. She laughed with me about and said "Well, we didn't know any better!"