Ancient, Modern Man Bad At Shopping

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It's apparently all in the genes. Cue "Manohlos" joke right about now. Or better yet, don't:

Dig it: Daniel Kruger, a researcher at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, has found that there's an evolutionary basis for the discrepancy between the sexes' skill at shopping. Explains ScienceDaily,

From an evolutionary perspective, it all harkens back to the skills that women used for gathering plant foods and the skills that men used for hunting meat. The contrast emerges because of the different foraging strategies for hunting and gathering used throughout human evolution.


Hunting versus gathering, if you will. And, as he puts it, "Evolved foraging psychology underlies sex differences in shopping experiences and behaviors." Women are good at taking the time to find the right stuff; men, not. Your stereotypical woman lives to shop; her husband holds down the "husband chair" and leafs through Teen Vogue.

Interesting as this is, it poses a major dilemma for Payless Shoes: for the past few years, they've advertised their BOGO sale with nature-documentary style narration about women "hunting" for shoes and deals. What will they ever do now?


Male And Female Shopping Strategies Show Evolution At Work In The Mall [ScienceDaily]

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this notion that Early Man had a strict division of labor by gender has been questioned as well. there are some researchers who posit that tribes would hunt as a group, and all of them would scare the crap out of herds of animals in a sort of a relay and literally run them to death, or run them off a cliff.

also even in modern-day hunter/gatherer tribes, women trap small animals and kill snakes and stuff.

so this analogy where the savannahs of africa were just like the beverly center is really, really problematic and really, really a crock of shit.