Anastasia Is Probably Going to Broadway and I Fell Down a Rabbit Hole

The Darko Tresnjak directed adaptation of Anastasia is going up at Hartford Stage on May 12, and the team appears to be gunning for Broadway. Follow me down this social media creeping, nostalgia-lined rabbit hole. It’s warm in here.

My immediate thought was, who is playing Dmitri? At times drawn with the boyish charm of a bowl-cut Aladdin, at others with face creases that make him look like an elderly Daniela Sea (both very hot looks, IMHO), he was always my favorite cartoon hero to imagine dancing on a boat with. Who can do him justice? For this production, it’s Derek Klena:


Who also appeared in the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as Jane Krakowski’s boy lover:

Who plays Anastasia? A lesser-known actress named Christy Altomare, who has the most adorably “theatre kid” Instagram account ever:


Of course, the main reason the musical adaptation of a cartoon is trending entertainment news is because it had some great tunes.

Pretty incredible that we watched this fictionalized account of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, in which she imagines dancing with her murdered father, Tsar Nicholas II, while an anthropomorphized puppy watches.


I’d remembered that rumors circulated about Anastasia potentially still being alive for years, but not that it was finally concluded that she was executed at 17 with the rest of her family during the Bolshevik revolution. She was.


I’d also forgotten about all the imposters who came forward to claim they were Anastasia, the most famous of which was Anna Anderson, née Franziska Schanzkowska.


Anyone who met Anderson, who had also met the Grand Duchess, insisted she was not Anastasia, but media coverage promoted her claim. A private investigator eventually exposed her as a Polish factory worker with a history of mental illness. Anderson emigrated to the United States in 1968, where she married a man named Jack Manahan, who was characterized as “probably Charlottesville’s best-loved eccentric.” It’s a very different story when you picture her dancing on that boat deck.

I dunno, I’d probably still go.

Image via Fox and Wikipedia.

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