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Ana Marie Cox Meets Iowa Asses But Not John McCain

Time blogger and former Wonkette editor Ana Marie Cox is in Iowa now, daring to go where no one of us ever really wanted to go: on the stump with John McCain. Today, in between anti-war protesters and some really terrible patri-rotica karaoke, she sent us some pictures and thoughts from the trail. "We never see the candidate so we film each other" is how she explains the pictures of CNN reporter Dana Bash's meal — "I like Dana, so be nice, but it is nice to have proof that she eats"— a CNN producer, and a bunch of people's asses. She even managed to capture the one Iowan of color who supports McCain! "Based on in depth research, I can report that the McCain staff, while still angry with the press, WILL drink with them! A lot!" she adds. Audio of bad McCain supporter singing — interspersed with stills — above.


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