An Oscar-Winning Filmmaker Is Working on a Whitney Houston Documentary

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An official Whitney Houston documentary is in the works under the same umbrella as last year’s popular Amy Winehouse film, Amy.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald (who directed The Last King of Scotland and the Marley documentary in 2012) has reportedly been working for some time on the film, which will show both sides of Houston: her reign as a pop sweetheart and the drug-related demons that led to her death in 2012.

The BBC is shooting a Houston documentary, too, but Macdonald’s has the benefit of earning approval from Houston’s estate, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Music legend Clive Davis, Houston’s career-long label boss and mentor, is among the close friends and collaborators participating in interviews for the project.


Additionally, Macdonald will incorporate old demos and unseen archived footage of Houston. “The story that is never told about Whitney is just how brilliant she was as an artist; by many measures she had the greatest voice of the last 50 years,” he said in a statement. “She changed the way pop music was sung—bringing it back full circle to its blues and gospel roots. She was also completely unique in being a black pop star who sold in countries where black artists don’t traditionally sell.”

Altitude, the British film company that produced Amy, has the rights to the Houston documentary and is looking to shop it at Cannes.

Macdonald says he wants viewers to “feel positive about Whitney and her music” after watching the film and that his goal is “to reveal a woman that even her most die-hard fans never knew.”

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I don’t know if I can handle this. I’m still sobbing over Amy.