An Open Letter To Chuck D: What Do You Think Of Flavor Flav Now?

Dear Chuck D, So last night I checked out Flav's new show Under One Roof — the MyNetwork sitcom that can best be described as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air meets a KKK cartoon — and I was wondering if you checked it out. 'Cause if you had, you woulda seen that it's horribly minstrel-y, stupid, sexist, and most offensive of all, just not funny. And while we can all claim cognitive dissonance or "but Flav is really like that" when he's dancing around in tuxedo tails and white gloves or proclaiming his love of fried chicken and Hennessey on his reality show Flavor of Love, the same can't be said for a scripted television show that relies on negative racial and gender stereotypes as a premise. Seriously, I wanna know — what do you have to say about this?

Last year, when you and Professor Griff were interviewed by Tavis Smiley, you discussed Flav's reality TV personality and said:

You know what it is; we boil it down to us. It's like, it's that every Black family always got that one person. And even when White folks say it in America, I say, "Oh, you done forgot that there was Billy Carter, huh?"

And that's kinda acceptable, but I think that Griff's statement — on people's renewed interest in Public Enemy due to Flav's VH1 success — was a little more accurate:

Flavor drew all of those people that we could never reach. So he drew them to us and we got a chance to at least interact with them, to raise a conscious level.


I believe that you're a smart, genuine guy Chuck, even though I don't know you from Adam, but I'm wondering if you've even watched some of the shit that Flav's been doing lately, because it may sell concert tickets, but in the end, I think it reflects really poorly not only on you and Public Enemy, but on humanity.


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Lisabel (ne:Dagnabbit)

"Get up, get get get down, Flavor Flav is joke in your town"

"What would Chuck D do?" totally ran through my head last night. Probably smack the hell outta his former clown prince.

I was too busy/far away from the tv to change the channel when this show was on. And it SOUNDED awful, I can't stomach the idea of hitting "play" on that vid to see the accompanying visuals. It's kinda shitty to have this horrid multi-culti stereotype-o-rama (god, even throwback asian caricatures, greaaaaat) on right before "In Living Color", a show that still entertains (Cosby Condoms, hahah), defty skewers race and pop culture, and imho feels relevant and edgy years later.

Basically,it's everything PE was, and Flav is NOT now.