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Just in case you needed another reason to pour yourself a glass of wine: researchers at the University of Glasgow have found that "moderate consumption" of wine can actually help stave off dementia in women.


"We found that modest amounts of alcohol in women seem to be associated with a delay in cognitive decline, such as speed of thought and how you use language and words. If these become serious, they can be signs of dementia," says David Stott, professor of geriatric medicine at the University of Glasgow. Stott and his team analyzed 5,800 subjects between the ages of 70 to 82, exploring the effects of alcohol on memory and cognition, and found that "women who consumed between one and seven units of alcohol a week performed significantly better than those who rarely drank or were teetotal."

Though small amounts of alcohol may aid in helping the brain stay sharp, Stott warns, "This is not an endorsement to drink to excess - large amounts of alcohol will damage your brain - but the occasional tipple may do you some good." In other words, drinking an entire bottle on your own and then running down the street screaming, "I'm fixing my memooooryyyy!" probably isn't going to win you any points in the medical community.


A Small Glass Of Wine Could Delay Dementia, Scientists Claim [Telegraph]

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