An NRA Staffer Accidentally Shot Himself at the Organization's Gun Museum

Photo: AP (this is what the NRA museum looked like in 1998)
Photo: AP (this is what the NRA museum looked like in 1998)

This is one of those stories that could really just be a headline—or the first half of cheesy talk-show-host joke, if it weren’t so terribly true—but it falls on me to elaborate at least a little bit.


So, a 46-year-old employee at the National Rifle Association’s National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia suffered a minor lower-body wound (no article specifies where, yikes), while participating in a firearms training on Thursday, according to police. The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Similar hazardous situations involving the NRA and guns have occurred before. In April 2014, for instance, a New Jersey man shot himself in the leg while participating in an NRA-sponsored event in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In February 2010 a gun instructor shot himself in the foot during an NRA-sponsored certification class for carrying a concealed weapon. These were both accidents, too.

No charges are expected to be filed, authorities said, as it is within this man’s rights to do dumb shit with guns, with as few regulations placed upon his actions as the NRA can manage. Some poor, unidentified portion of his lower body is just another casualty of how unimpeachably awesome (a narrow, politically-motivated reading of) our Constitution is.

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I guess he missed the gun safety course.