An Inspiring Story Of Selflessness In The Hamptons

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9/11 firefighters, marines who save Iraqi puppies... I think we can all agree that pretty words are nice, but nothing warms the cockles like those brave, special citizens who, in the midst of social crisis, rise to the challenge and pledge to do all they can to help their neighbors. And so readers, I am avibe with good...uh...vibes over an email we received today from a tipster by the name of "Schadenfrau" originally sent by a firm called BF Designs, in reaction to the terrible tragedy under way at Bear Stearns, the investment bank that is no longer run by the pothead bridge champion. BF Designs, located in Southampton, New York, provides a specialized service known as "staging" houses, which is to say, they clean up your house and make it look like you have really good taste so it looks better when you show it to prospective buyers. And what, praytell, might such a firm's role in soothing the nation's financial crisis? Read on, and be inspired.


From: [] Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 10:22 AM To: Subject: Bear Stearns

From today's NY Times:

"There was talk Monday that with their life savings nearly depleted, some executives had moved quickly, putting their weekend homes on the market."

Regrettably, there will be much more of this happening, meaning that there will be an increase in sellers, a decrease in buyers.

Therefore it is more important than ever to make sure that your listings are in the best possible condition and if possible, offer added value in the way of furniture and furnishings.

BFdesigns will offer a discounted design/staging fee to anyone who has worked for Bear Stearns in an effort to mitigate whatever personal losses they may have sustained, and to help sell their houses for as much as possible.

Best regards,

Barbara Feldman





Ok, it just looks like to me this company is trying to get work - which isn't a bad thing.

But, the people they're offering to help are the very people that don't need it.

Who the F*CK has a "weekend house"? And if you can afford to furnish a weekend house you can afford to suck it up like all those unfortunately people who lost their "weekday" homes.