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An excerpt of Lena Dunham's new book is available at the New Yorker; in it, she discusses the various therapists she had as a child and then teenager, one of whom eventually led her to her best friend Audrey Gelman.


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Emma Golddigger

Most of the excerpt was pointless but tolerable. And then she got to talking about her college friendship with Audrey:

We bond immediately, more over what we hate than what we love. We both hate lox. We both hate boys in cargo pants. We're both sick of kids from Long Island saying they're from New York. We spend the first few weeks of the school year riding our new red bicycles around town in impractical shoes and too much lipstick, unwilling to let go of the idea that city girls do it differently. We can barely hold in our peals of laughter when a boy named Zenith arrives at a party in a shirt that says "P is for Playa." We set our sights on senior boys who run ironic literary magazines and we try to avoid using the bathroom next to anybody but each other.

Don't they both sound horrible?