An English Rose

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[Wootton Bassett, England; December 15. Image via Getty]

WOOTTON BASSETT, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 15: Sian Goodenough (L), fiance of Lance Corporal Adam Drane from 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, weeps as his coffin passes mourners lining the High Street on December 15, 2009 in Wootton Bassett, England. The 23-year-old was shot dead by Taliban insurgents at a checkpoint near Nad-e Ali, in Helmand province and was the 100th British soldier to die in Afghanistan this year. His repatriation to nearby RAF Lyneham came on the day it was feared that thousands of jobs could be lost as the Defence Secretary prepares to announce spending cuts needed to fund new Chinook helicopters for the conflict. While in Afghanistan itself, the first of 500 extra British troops to be deployed arrived in the country. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)


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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

Presumably, if all goes "well," by the time my son is 23 (in five years) he will be in the US Navy, paying off his 180K scholarship.

I can't stop looking at the two women behind his fiance. Which is his mother? Was this to have been an opportunity for him? Is that his father on the left? Are those tattoos on his hand? Was he also, then, in the military, and told his son and wife that it would be fine, and he'd come out with life experience?

I am so sorry for their loss, and scared. Really, really scared.