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[Sacramento, August 26. Image via Getty]

SACRAMENTO, CA - AUGUST 26: Homeless woman Carmen Bray looks on at a 'Safe Ground' encampment August 26, 2009 in Sacramento, California. Over 30 homeless men and women are hoping that Sacramento police will not follow through on threats to evict them from a plot of private land where they have pitched tents in an effort to have a safe place to sleep at night, despite the Sacramento city ordinance that prohibits anyone from camping on public or private land. Prominent attorney Mark Merin, who has been an advocate for homeless rights, has allowed the group of homeless people to use his land for Safe Ground since the city of Sacramento has yet to come up with a viable solution to house the city's homeless population. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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Prohibited from camping on public OR private land? So the pup tent my brother and I used to insist on sleeping in in the backyard every summer would have been illegal?