An Attempt To Make Marriage Look Badass

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This British ad was apparently created "to make people reappraise marriage as the number of British people marrying drops to its lowest level since 1862." Can advertisers really re-brand marriage as rebellious?


Some commenters on Copyranter point out that the middle finger isn't used as often in the UK, so perhaps the "Fuck you, I'm married" message doesn't come across as strongly over there. Still, trying to "market" marriage at all is somewhat bizarre — and selling it as the badass choice is even stranger. What's next, couples slammin' cans of holy matrimony while snowboarding? And really, if Britain wants to promote marriage, they might consider letting gay people do it.

"She" Magazine "Rebrands" Marriage With Middle Finger Imagery. [Copyranter]


Not gonna lie, I love being married. I love having someone on Team Wellfleet every day, someone to help me and push me to be better and let me be a spazz goofball. I love having that responsibility for another human being.

And, to quote the great Judge Judy, they don't make laws for "living together". Well, they do, but they're not as strong. I like having the rights and responsibilities of a married couple. I like it that, by law, I can be in a hospital room if something happens to him.

He bought me my first (and second) dog, and he is awesome.

I'm a bit of a traditionalist at heart and think that there are excellent thinks in the institution of marriage.

PS I find it insane that while the institution of marriage is declining in the US, that gays and lesbians are not allowed to marry and enjoy the same rights I have. Paul and Tom getting married doesn't hurt marriage, it helps it. Paul and Sheila getting married and divorcing in 6 months hurts marriage. /rant