A mammary majority has ruled, and your favorite word for sweater puppies is ...

Boobs! In last week's poll, "boobs" triumphed as the preferred term for breasts, with a near-mandate of 47% of the vote. I feel vindicated. The nearest competitor, "tits," was trounced, winning over just 23% of breast-appreciators. However, write-ins had a decent showing, capturing over 16% of voters. Popular nominations included:

โ€” knockers
โ€” chesticles
โ€” the girls
โ€” jubblies
โ€” ta-tas
โ€” rack

Less popular, but no less entertaining:

โ€” sack of angry rabbits
โ€” womanly protuberances
โ€” Gin and Tonic
โ€” Thelma and Louise
โ€” nortons (what?)
โ€” bazoobas
โ€” Paris and Nicole
โ€” Tweety and Sylvester (again, what?)


In honor of all these wonderful ideas, I now christen mine Beavis and Butthead. Thanks to everyone who voted!

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Image via 2399/Shutterstock.com