I don't know who Laura Vanderkam is, but she apparently wrote something called Grindhopping: Build a Rewarding Career without Paying Your Dues and now today she is here on the Huffington Post extolling the virtues of an $883 rice cooker, and leave it to me to make the obvious point, "Leave it to someone who hasn't paid any motherfucking DUES to want an $883 motherfucking RICE COOKER!!" but I as I read the following paragraph I found myself positively aching for a certain unforgivably overpriced kitchen luxury of my own.

Like many modern women, I rarely have to cook. So kitchen time becomes a choice, a matter of self-expression rather than drudgery. Which makes all the gadgets fun. That may not have been the first thing our feminist foremothers were fighting for, but it's a more important victory than most of us realize.

Dude, and I say this in reckless disregard of the Spirit Of Christmas(TM) but sweetie-pie, to think it is legitimate to call a grossly-overpriced consumer product a "vehicle for self-expression" actually pretty much a defeat. (Also, $886 to cook rice?)

Anyway, I love rice as much as anyone. And I love kitchens. I even sort of like cooking, and occasionally I even like buying things. But when it comes to "expression," words and art and gestures and time put in โ€” like say, the number of labor hours it might cost to pay off an $886 rice cooker โ€” carry a lot more meaning, and a potentially much bigger victory, than some mass-produced appliance, even one that comes from Japan.


So yeah, don't buy into this "self-expression" crap and take it easy and don't just throw your money at useless shit like I inevitably will this weekend.

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