Amy Winehouse's In-Laws Are As Douchey As Her Husband

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The fight between the Winehouses and the Fielder-Civils is beginning to get nastier than that bloody row between their kids Amy and Blake last week. Blake's parents—Giles and Georgette Fielder-Civil—were interviewed on the BBC's Radio Five Live about the drug problems of the singer and her husband. Giles said:

We would urge Amy's fans to send a message to Amy that her addiction and her behavior is not acceptable. Perhaps its time to stop buying records. I believe the record company have a responsibility. They can either cease the contract and say: 'Until you sort yourself out we're not doing any more work together,' or take responsibility and make the pair enter a proper rehabilitation unit where they can't leave until they're sorted out.

Mitch Winehouse, Amy's dad, shot back at his in-laws comments later in the day:

The facts are that the day after [Amy and Blake] came out of the facility they were at, we had a meeting with the directors of the facility and the two GPs who were looking after them. Unfortunately Giles and Georgette were due to [attend]. But instead of coming to that meeting to sit with the doctors and with me and representatives of the record company, they chose to go out for a drink to a pub with Amy and Blake.


Oh snap! We're on team Winehouse with this one. Who the fuck do the Fielder-Civils think they are? And why are they trying to bring up Amy's career as a bargaining chip? Shouldn't they be concerned about the fact that their own son has no career at all? Also, we happen to personally know that their boy [link NSFW] Blake has been a druggie for quite some time. Interesting that his folks only seem to care now!

Amy's dad also said:

This is the problem we find ourselves up against. We have two families pulling in different directions.

In her interview, Blake's mom Georgette said:

I think they both need to get medical help before one of them, if not both of them, eventually will die.


With Giles adding:

We are concerned that if one of them dies, the other will die. They're a very close couple, and if one dies through substance abuse, the other may commit suicide.


Radio host Victoria Derbyshire called the Fielder-Civils on their own poor decisions regarding Blake and Amy:

I think you did leave your young teenage sons [aged 13 and 14] in Blake and Amy's care didn't you, because you wanted them to experience responsibility?


Georgette answered:

Yes, I did. It will never happen again... I'm afraid they abused our trust. Tragically they both took drugs.


God, it's like are they smoking crack, too? Who would leave their young children in the care of two known drug addicts?

Transcript: Winehouse's parents-in-law [BBC News via The Insider]
Transcript: Amy Winehouse's father [BBC News]

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@JESSICALOVEJOY No kidding! They seem to me people who have done an awfully irresponsible job raising their children that now want the entire village and the village record company to raise their children. But I will say this for them, they don't seem to be in it for the money, more for the famewhoring.