Amy Winehouse's Brain May Not Be Normal

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  • Today in Amy Winehouse news: The singer left rehab, hopped on a helicopter and flew to London to get a brain scan. Doctors are worried that she has a form of epilepsy. Also, her husband wants things to get back to normal. And since "normal" is apparently doing copious amounts of coke and heroin, we vote "no, no, no." [The Sun]
  • More Amy Winehouse news: Amy to UK newspaper: "Oh my God, what the hell happened to last week?" [Mirror]
  • John Mayer and Cameron Diaz went on a date! Hey, Cam: here's a preview of his sex face! [Page Six]
  • The Hills is sorta fake. Lauren Conrad showed up for dinner at a popular New York restaurant with three friends and a camera crew. "They took five takes of Lauren ordering dinner," a source says. Five takes. For a reality show. [Page Six]
  • The state of Florida has unclaimed cash for Britney Spears. We're thinking she should file a claim, since every little bit helps. [Page Six]
  • That new movie Jessica Biel is filming with Forest Whitaker? She's gonna be nekkid! [Page Six]
  • A painter is suing pop star Pink for featuring one of his works in a music video. Can't he just be happy for the publicity? [Page Six]
  • Blind item! "Which suave Latino actor has been tempting sociable cocktail waitresses to act out his sultry movie role scenes in the bathroom of a certain downtown hot spot?" [Page Six]
  • Football legend Joe Namath is a grandfather! His daughter Olivia had a baby girl. By the way, Olivia is 16 and still in high school — and the baby daddy has a criminal record of meth possession and burglary. Congrats, Joe! [Rush & Molloy]
  • Vanessa Minnillo unveiled her cosmetics line... in Jersey City. [Rush & Molloy, second to last item]
  • Jay-Z had dinner at the same restaurant as Lauren Conrad last night — but Jigga came alone. There's a lesson in there somewhere, kids. Keep it real, Hova! [TMZ]
  • More Hills fakeness: The ring that Spencer Pratt gave Heidi Montag? Not exactly a priceless diamond. Or even a diamond. Big surprise. [TMZ]
  • Gwen Stefani can't wait to get pregnant again. "It's so fun and consuming and romantic."[People]



I'm no John Carter but I think Winehouse's seizure was causing by doing heroin, cocaine and a tranquilizer used for horses.