Amy Winehouse: They Tried To Make Her Stay In Rehab, She Said No, No, No

  • Amy Winehouse has left The Causeway rehab facility. Apparently, she and her husband Blake Civil-Fielder got into a fight, then headed back to London. Blake "upset people in The Causeway with his behavior," says a source. She needs to dump this douchebag, and pronto. [The Sun]
  • Between the MTV Awards in Las Vegas and the Emmy Awards in L.A., not a lot of stars are RSVPing for shows during Fashion Week. Hmm, whatever shall we focus on — the clothes??? [Page Six]
  • Faye Dunaway: Went to Koo Koo Roo, ordered chicken, pulled out a tiny scale and weighed it. Not sure about the Roo but definitely a wee bit Koo Koo! [Page Six]
  • Is Jeremy Piven literally Entourage's Ari Gold? Witnesses at Nobu Malibu heard him having a very loud argument... with his Mom. Oy. [Page Six]
  • Cameron Diaz and John Mayer: Second date! That we know of! [Page Six]
  • Lauren Conrad has a new man named Sean Zastoupil, in case you care. [Page Six]
  • "She's far too voluptuously beautiful for the job, like a Tiffany necklace in a brown paper bag" - Variety's assessment of Scarlett Johansson in The Nanny Diaries. Ugh. [Page Six]
  • OK, we get it, Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. is a total player — married and making out with chicks all over town — and almost surely the subject of yesterday's so-called blind item. [Rush & Molloy]
  • Blind item! "Which TV bigwig's daughter recently commandeered the family beach house for a weekend-long orgy of psychedelic drugs?" [Rush & Molloy, 4th item]
  • Kevin Federline got a job! He'll be a guest star on the CW's One Tree Hill. This should look great in court. [TMZ]
  • Pete Doherty is free again! The suspicion of drug possession charges were dropped because of a technicality. How long do you think he can go without getting arrested again? [Guardian]

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