Amy Winehouse: Storing, Snorting Drugs From Her Beehive?

Above is a clip of Amy Winehouse in Zurich on October 25th, in which she half-asses her way through a song because she's too busy fussing with her hair. It appears as though she pulls something out of her beehive, and then snorts it. Of course it's possible that she has a cold,and is just wiping her nose, but if you take a look at her performance of "Back to Black" from the same show, she's doing that "junkie stretch" thing with her arms. Also, Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger reported that during the show, Amy kept "scratching herself, wiping her nose, yawning and shaking throughout the set." Just today, it was announced that Amy and her husband Blake seemingly had so much horse floating around the tour bus that it "passively" wound up in the system of her former tour manager Thom Stone, who quit yesterday.

Amy Winehouse Taking A Line [YouTube]


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