Amy Winehouse Pisses Off Fans While On The Piss

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Last night was the first night of Amy Winehouse's British tour, and well, yikes. It sounds like it was complete disaster. Amy stumbled into the venue in Birmingham half an hour late, slurred her words, sang off-key, walked into a guitar stand, and cried through much of the performance, apparently distraught by the fact that her husband Blake Fielder-Civil is in jail on remand, charged with perverting the course of justice and assault. She dedicated some songs to him, adding "Blakey" or "I love my Blakey" to them, and sang "Me and Mr. Jones" as "Me and Mr. Blakey." After singing "Back To Black," she slurred: "Nothing's going to bring my husband back." Every time she would bring him up, the crowd booed, to which she responded:

To them people booing, just wait till my husband gets out of incarceration. And I mean that.


Half-way through the show, many people walked out.

One fan who attended the show told Perez Hilton:<"In short, she was fucking terrible. She was very, very drunk. Many audience members booed, and people were continually walking out. She referred to us as 'monkey cunts' at one point, and she forgot the words to most of her songs. I really like Amy but this was awful. I'd like to tell you that her voice was her saving grace, but it was horrendous." UK newspaper the Telegraph said that betting company William Hill were giving odds of 1/3 that Winehouse would show up last night, and 9/4 that she would sing. It's not exactly clear how they will pay out on that second one, because as one fan told the Daily Mail: "She managed four songs but was slurring her word, [and the singing] was so bad it was like swinging a cat round your head." And apparently, the covers she sang were worse than her originals. She was "indifferent" on Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)," yelled Sam Cooke's "Cupid" off key, and during an encore cover of the Zutons' "Valerie,"—of which her rendition appears on Mark Ronson's album Version—she dropped her microphone and walked off the stage in tears.


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@collegecallgirl: I just tossed up my donut. Do.Not.Want!

When will people stop rewarding this junkie? Unlike Janis or Stevie, who were the epitome of artist excess in their time, they knew that the fans were the ones paying. They got their asses on stage and performed. Hell, even a drunk-off-her-ass Judy Garland knew that the show must go on and, by goddess, she got it on!

I have absolutely no problems w/ her wanting to shoot up in a flop house w/ her Blakey...only AFTER she fucking performs for the $$ I paid. Drink all you want. But if you expect me or anyone else to pay your gotta put out. Hell, even Kelly Osborne is working - and she's gotta make it to the theatre for her 1/2 hour call every night, and twice on Saturdays and Sundays!