Amy Winehouse In Rehab? Yes, Yes, Yes

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  • Amy Winehouse has checked into rehab. Good idea! [DailyMail]
  • Oh, and apparently Amy landed in the hospital because she had taken ecstasy, cocaine and Ketamine in addition to drinking heavily. Damn, girl! [TheSun]
  • Apparently Woody Allen's new book has a lesson for Lindsay Lohan: The director tried to cast both Winona Ryder and Robert Downey Jr. but couldn't get insurance on them. Somehow we don't really think LL wants advice from a grumpy old man. [PageSix]
  • Model Cheryl Tiegs is a Rules girl. Yawn. [PageSix]
  • Ashley Olsen is totally telepathic with Mary-Kate, just as we always suspected. They're like superhuman, people! [PageSix]
  • An art exhibit dedicated to former model Jerry Hall? Sounds kind of awesome. [PageSix]
  • Will David Beckham sign with Nike or Adidas? Decisions, decisions. $4 million a year decisions. [PageSix]
  • A Graceland casino in Vegas? Seems appropriate. [PageSix]
  • Ashlee Simpson is totally possesive of Pete Wentz. Seriously, stop looking at her man, you guys. [PageSix]
  • Anyone here psyched about the Van Halen reunion? [PageSix]
  • 50 Cent and Kanye West are both dropping albums on September 11. Fiddy says if Kanye sells more CDs than he does, he'll quit making records. You know what? At least no one is getting shot. [Rush&Molloy]
  • Ricky Martin wants to adopt a child "from each continent" to create "a family of many colors." He didn't say that he also wants to start sleeping with Brad Pitt, but isn't it obvious? [Rush&Molloy, 3rd item]
  • Brad Pitt was almost on jury duty in L.A. — can you imagine? [TMZ]
  • The dude who was in the hotel pool with topless Britney Spears and made the cover of Us Weekly probably got about $50,000 for his pictures. Hopefully it's not all downhill from here! [E!]



@yarnmule: Thats exactly what it is, it's fucking evil stuff but most people are after it for it's hallucinagentic effects. I used to know people who did a lot of ket at college - once at a halloween party, there was a girl who had come dressed as a backstreet abortion, complete with dismembered doll parts strapped to the side of her thighs. Later on in the evening we found her weeping hysterically in a corner because she;d fallen into a k-hole and was convinced the baby was real.

So, er, good on ya, Amy.