Amy Winehouse Finally Releases New Song: A Racist, Cracked-Out Ditty

Amy Winehouse is in hot water—sorta—for a home video she made with her husband Blake Incarcerated last year in which she sings some made-up racist lyrics to the tune of "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," surrounded by crack pipes, mirrors and other paraphernalia (We say "sorta" because do people really get offended by the things that crazy junkies say?) The footage is obviously from the couple's personal camera, but somehow News of the World got a hold of it. Amy issued an apology—sorta—while standing on her front stoop in front of a throng of paparazzi. Racist song above and apology clip after the jump.

So instead of really focusing on the leaked video, Amy instead talked about how much she wants "lots of children," how Blake is her James Bond, how the new album will all be songs about that bozo, and about how he's gonna be the "best dad." Good Lord.

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@ULookinAtMyJunk is the Hate Mitigator: I'm sorry to hear that and I can understand why that would make you not want to be in those situations.

I have actually pulled someone to the side and asked them if they thought their comment/joke was appropriate. I do it with my school teacher/I might slap you face.

They apologize usually.

Also, that was a great opportunity to talk to the little girl about ignorance.

Go out and ignore those idiots. Unfortunately they are everywhere.