Above is a clip of Kelly Osbourne interviewing Amy Winehouse just before her big gig at Somerset House this past July (about three weeks before she OD'd and then went to rehab, left rehab, went back to rehab, left rehab, etc.). We're so impressed with our lil' Kels! She's like a real journalist or something! She asks all the questions that we want to know, like if it's weird for Amy to sing all these sad songs about Blake now that she's married to him. Also, Amy is super-quick on her feet with funny responses to a lot of stuff. ("Who's your fave female singer?" "Alice Cooper, she's great!") Interestingly, Amy wants booze within the first 30 seconds of the interview, when it's just she and Kelly. But later, when Kelly suggests in front of Blake that they have a pre-show drink, he puts the kibosh on that right quick.
Amy Winehouse Interview - Presented By Kelly Osbourne [YouTube via ONTD]