The brilliant and talented Amy Poehler launched her web series, "Smart Girls," yesterday, a show that "celebrates extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves." Kicking things off with an episode featuring 10-year-old Cameron King, a writer who specializes in mysteries and ghost stories. Amy and Cameron, along with Amy's crew, producer Meredith Walker and musician Amy Miles, discuss everything from writer's block to the writing process before sitting down together to create a story of their own. Poehler is absolutely perfect throughout; she talks to Cameron, never at or down to her, creating a positive environment that allows Cameron to share her ideas with confidence. The only issue I take with the show is the sponsorship; it's tough to stomach pop-up ads for Barbie dolls, a toy that basically represents an impossible image for young girls, while you're watching a show that so gracefully strives to do the opposite. Clip after the jump.Click to view Smart Girls At The Party: The Writer-Cameron [ON Networks]